These are all ORIGINAL paintings on 48 x 48 inch canvas. The majority of them are acrylic.
I am selling them this cheap to help out a friend of mine, while the majority of them are 100%
complete some aren't but if you would like a couple closer pictures of them please let me know.
Sorry about the quality of pictures they were taken quickly so that I can post this up asap.
All of the paintings are perfectly square even though they might not look it in the picture.

If you are interested in any or have any questions please feel free to email me at
I am ONLY selling the paintings on this page!
These will be sold on a first come first serve basis (paid). These prices dont include SHIPPING if its needed.

Batman Original Batman 48X48 $200.00
Ironman Fame 48X48 $200.00
Lonley 48X48 sold
Lucy 48X48 SOLD
Mao 48X48 $200.00
One 48X48 $140.00
Orange 48x48 $150
Radiohead 48x48 $125
Rape 48x48 $100
Smalltown Boy 48x48 $150
Save Me 48x48 $300
Batman 48x48 $150
I Wish 48x48 $300
Never Enough 48x48 $300
Tell Me Why 48x48 $150
Warhol 48x48 $150
Miss You 48x48 SOLD
Yellow 48x48 $200
These prices do not include shipping!